Fairfax The Pantiles Exhibition

Exhibition at Fairfax Gallery The Pantiles

1/2/2020 - 2/3/2020

Throughout February the Fairfax Gallery will have an ongoing exhibition featuring Original Paintings and Sculpture by its gallery artists.

The exhibition will take place in its spacious listed building on The Pantiles. The show will feature over 100 original works all of which can be purchased.

Artists include David Atkins, Hogan Brown, Louise Fairchild, Jack Frame, Adam Hargreaves, Gemma Harwood, Adrian Parnell, Justin Weeks.

Open 7 Days a week  https://www.fairfaxgallery.com/the-pantiles/


Christmas Exhibition Burnham Market

23/11/19 - 10/1/20

New Paintings & Sculpture from popular gallery artists over both floors of the gallery.

Fairfax Gallery The Pantiles Christmas Exhibition

24th Christmas Exhibition

Until 12th January 2019

For its 24th Christmas Exhibition, the Fairfax Gallery on The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells will feature over 100 new paintings and sculpture by our most popular gallery artists.

Work purchased can be stored until closer to Christmas if required and new artworks will be arriving throughout the exhibition to replace pieces sold.


David Atkins New Paintings

1st to 15th November 2019

25 New Oil Paintings featuring The Ashdown and Rye Bay

Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells

Painting on the Ashdown Forest.

I’ve lost count of the numerous times I have visited and painted the Ashdown Forest.  It has become part of my history and the paintings I make there are a reflection of my deeply held feelings for the place. I have worn a path to a few locations in the forest that have continued to inspire my interests as a painter.  With each visit comes a new determination to find fresh ways of conveying my encounter with a familiar place.  There is a feeling of scale, light and beauty in this landscape and that, perhaps is the reason that keeps me going back.

Painting Winchelsea, Rye, Dungeness and Camber Sands.

I had the opportunity to make a series of paintings on Winchelsea beach, which previously had been impossible due to adverse weather conditions.  At low tide the old wooden breakwaters become visible, looking like skeletal remains still defiant against the sea.  There reflections remain in muddy pools for a short time before the tide returns and the beach once again becomes a long stretch of shingle.

The beach at Camber feels enormous in scale with its sweep of sandy dunes leading on to a swathe of multi- coloured layers of fine sand. Capturing some sense of the space here in the bright month of June was both a challenge and a joy.

In all the places I have visited and painted for this show, there has been time invested in looking, making and responding. Paint is applied in bold gestures of oil and colour that map out each thought, decision and correction.  What results has to convey something of the essence of each encounter and done so in the language of painting.

Julian Sutherland-Beatson

28th September - 12th October

Julian Sutherland -Beatson  Cityscapes and Landscapes exhibition.

An exhibition of new small paintings at Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells

JustinWeeks Time Is The Name of The Breeze

14th - 26th September 2019

Born in Bristol in 1974 Justin Weeks is a self-taught painter. In 2012 he won the Artspan Prize at the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Federation of British Artists, Mall Galleries, London. As well as the Fairfax Gallery exhibiting Justin Weeks at both their galleries, they have also exhibited his work successfully, selling out in London, New York & Hong Kong. The Fairfax is pleased to be holding their third solo exhibition of Justin Weeks new paintings at its Tunbridge Wells gallery on the Pantiles.

The exhibition will feature 14 New Abstract Oil paintings on canvas.

24th Summer Exhibition at Fairfax Gallery The Pantiles

15th June - 12 September

24th Summer Exhibition at the Fairfax Gallery on The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells. The exhibition will feature new work from gallery favourites along with new artists to the Fairfax Gallery. As always all work will be original and the event will take place over both floors of the gallery.

Exhibited Artists will include: Karen Brighton |Hogan Brown |Louise Fairchild | Shaun Ferguson  Jack Frame |Miranda Gardiner |Mary Grant | Gemma Harwood Alison McWhirter| Adrian Parnell |Carol Peace | Alice Scrutton |  Helen Sinclair ARBS  | David Storey | Justin Weeks | Barry Wilson | John Worthington

The exhibition will run throughout the Summer

Beckie Reed

May 25th - June 10th.

New Paintings by Beckie Reed at Fairfax Gallery, Burnham Market

She is continually drawn to woodland and treescapes. The tree trunks and branches are dribbled on, requiring control and patience but also allowing space for accidents to happen; giving the work a looseness and freedom that’s contrasted with the controlled detailed areas. Each dribble captures a moment and is a permanent mark on the canvas that can’t be undone. It’s the juxtaposition of loose washes, splattered paint, dribbled branches and detailed, precise areas that gives the work its energy and vibrancy. She uses various techniques and mediums to build up layers.


Alice Scrutton Solo Exhibition

13th - 30th April 2019

Over 20 New paintings featuring the Norfolk Coast

The Alice Scrutton Exhibition will take place at the Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market with works depicting the North Norfolk Coast

Alice Scrutton Oil on Canvas

Burnham Market Summer Exhibition

Runs until 9th September

Summer Exhibition at Burnham Market Gallery features new paintings and sculpture over two floors.

The Exhibition features new artists to the Fairfax Gallery.

Alison McWhirter Solo Exhibition Burnham Market

5th - 15th May

New Still Life paintings our First Solo Exhibition of Alison McWhirters paintings