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Solo Exhibition of New Paintings at Burnham Market Gallery

This new body of work has been made over the past year with my most recent visit in early spring.

   Working in the places familiar to me I have throughout the seasons responded intuitively to the weather, light and the space of what’s in front of me.  Each season for me contains a particular feeling and this I think finds its way into the work.  Autumn offers such rich, deep colours and dramatic skies.  Winter is a challenge with gun metal greys and silver light. Summer was a joy being on the beach trying to capture the heat and brightness with day-trippers enjoying the sea, sun and sand.  I waited patiently for the spring before my last visit and delighted in days where colour was returning to the land and sky.  Cobalt blues, hints of pink and splashes of bright yellow combined with the chorus of birds singing in the gentle warmth of lengthening days.

These paintings of Norfolk I hope convey some of the beauty of this place and the continuing inspiration I find here.’

David Atkins 2024


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Tapestry of Spring Mixed Exhibition

A mixed exhibition celebrating natures vibrant palette and the season of renewal.  The exhibition will include a diverse range of artistic interpretations from vivd landscapes, to blossoming flowers and abstract representations.  Each artist contributes a unique thread, weaving together a tapestry of colour that is both interconnected and diverse capturing the essence of spring in their own distinctive styles.

The exhibition will include new work by Shaun Ferguson, Jack Frame, Paul Smith, Stephanie Rogers, Louise Balaam RWA, NEAC, Elaine Jones, Alison McWhirter, Gemma Harwood, Shirin Tabeshfar, Miranda Gardiner

Image ‘Spring’ Shirin Tabeshfar Oil on Canvas 100 x 100cm

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28th Christmas Exhibition TunbridgeWells Gallery

28th Christmas Exhibition

Artists Exhibiting Include:

David Atkins, Mary Jane Ansell, Shaun Ferguson, Jack Frame, Sara Habgood, Gemma Harwood, Lee Madgwick, Steven Outram RBA, Carol Peace, Beckie Reed, Stephanie Rogers, Alice Scrutton, Paul P Smith, Helen Sinclair ARBS, Julian Sutherland-Beatson, Shirin Tabeshfar, Justin Weeks, Barry Wilson.

 The Exhibition also feature a special new series of paintings and drawings by Mary Jane Ansell.

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David Atkins The Ashdown & Camber Sands

The Fairfax Gallery will be holding a solo exhibition of David Atkins new paintings featuring The Ashdown & Camber Sands.

2nd – 16th November at Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.

‘Painting plein air in the landscape means I am faced with a subject that continually changes and transforms throughout my time there, which I find inspiring. The weather, too, plays a very important part. This can change what may seem a dull scene into a place of sublime beauty. I work fast and will rework an entire painting to capture these dramatic changes.

The Ashdown and Camber Sands hold sentimental value, memories, and emotions for me. I have returned there to paint for over thirty years, hoping to capture and express something of their unique qualities in paint.

I hope my artworks give a sense of my joy in the locations I chose and the act of painting them. I want the paintings to be alive so the viewer can discover something new every time they look at them.’

-David Atkins 2023


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Paul Darley – New Paintings

Plein Air paintings by established artist Paul Darley.

Featuring the Cromer Crab Fishermen

 Burnham Market

13th -26th October

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Julian Sutherland-Beatson

Exhibition of New Paintings

1st – 23rd October 2023, Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells

The exhibition will feature over 18 new paintings including Cityscapes & Cuban Scenes and Cigar Box paintings.

To view paintings, please Click here


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28th Summer Exhibition – Tunbridge Wells gallery

The Fairfax Gallery has pleasure in inviting you to its 28th Summer Exhibition featuring paintings and sculpture from Established, Award-Winning & Emerging Artists including new artists to the gallery.

Artists Include:

Mary Jane Ansell, Louise Balaam NEAC,RWA, Sophie Bayntun, Hogan Brown, Shaun Ferguson, Jack Frame, Gemma Harwood, Steven Outram RBA, Carol Peace, Stephanie Rogers, Paul P Smith, Helen Sinclair ARBS, Julian Sutherland-Beatson, Shirin Tabeshfar, Justin Weeks.



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Summer Mixed Exhibition

The Summer Exhibition will  consist of over 100 paintings and sculpture by our gallery favourites, displayed over two floors, outer studio and sculpture garden. New work arriving throughout the summer.

Opening Hours for Summer Exhibition

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11 – 4pm

Wednesday 11 – 2pm

Other times by Appointment

For more details please contact james@fairfaxgallery.com

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Elaine Jones Solo Exhibition – Burnham Market

Elaine’s recent paintings encompass a new energy, explosions of colour that are evolving and becoming a bit more abstract, more spontaneous and bigger. They’re a bit wilder, with a lot more gestural marks. and whilst she is still creating her soothing signature blue paintings, there are deep greens and burnt colours also emerging.

 Contrasts between light and dark elements prove to be an enduring aspect of her work and there’s nothing like a large body of water to capture the light and encourage unique reflections.

Elaine’s love of travelling was evident in her last exhibition and the landscape of Northern Spain and South West France have Influenced Elaine’s new body of paintings. Dramatic mountains and an abundance of green in the Basque Country inspired sketches that are fuelling her latest work. 

For images of new work click here


For more information or catalogue please contact james@fairfaxgallery.com


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Beckie Reed Solo Exhibition Burnham Market

I am continually drawn to paint woodland and treescapes. Using reference photos but often painting intuitively, many layers are built up to create beautiful, evocative paintings. Paint is splattered and tree trunks and branches are dribbled on using a high gloss medium, which requires great control and has taken many years to hone. It can never be fully controlled, so it adds a spontaneity to the work and a looseness and freedom. Each dribble captures a moment in time and is a permanent mark on the canvas that can’t be undone. Other areas are precisely painted with great detail and it’s the juxtaposition of control and chaos that give the work its energy and vibrancy.

Beckie Reed 2023

Image: Fanfare acrylic and enamel on canvas 90 x 140cm

original painting

Alice Scrutton Solo Exhibition – Burnham Market Gallery

Following a post pandemic ‘pause’ during 2022 we are delighted that Alice has been back absorbing the beauty of her favourite coastal spots. Alice paints with energy and pace to create a lovely free flowing style which is most recognisable in her palette and skies.

Images will be available to view on the website from 27th March, for more information email james@fairfaxgallery.com


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Christmas Exhibition Burnham Market Gallery

Christmas Exhibition – New Work By Gallery Artists

19th November 2022 – 6th January 2023 Burnham Market

Come and join us for the opening of our Christmas Exhibition and switching on of the Burnham Market Christmas Lights.

27th Christmas Exhibition -Tunbridge Wells Gallery

13th November - 10th January

The Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells holds its 27th Christmas Exhibition featuring over 100 original contemporary paintings and sculptures juxtaposed with its spacious listed building on The Pantiles Lower Walks, Tunbridge Wells. The show includes established, award-winning, and emerging artists, including some that took part in its opening exhibition in 1995 and those selected by Fairfax over the following years.

Artists exhibited include: Mary Jane AnsellShaun Ferguson , Alice ScruttonDavid Atkins,  Jack FramePaul P SmithStephanie Rogers, Julian Sutherland-BeatsonBarry WilsonLouise Fairchild, Elaine Jones, Steven Outram RBA, Beckie Reed, Louise Balaam NEAC, RWA,  Shirin Tabeshfar,  Justin WeeksHelen SinclairCarol Peace.

To view the new works, please click here

David Atkins ‘The Ashdown & Rye Bay’ – Tunbridge Wells Gallery

     29th October – 11th November 2022

The Fairfax Gallery has been privileged to work with David Atkins exhibiting his paintings since our opening Exhibition in 1995, closely following his success with critics and collectors alike. David’s confident painterly use of oils marks him out as an artist with a future as vibrant as his paintings.

St Martins School of Art Winchester  – First Class Honours in Fine Art     Winner of the 2000 Discerning Eye -‘ Facade International Prize’Also, a finalist in the 2001 & 2002 Discerning Eye awards, held at the Mall Galleries, London & 2003 NEAC exhibition at Mall Galleries, London.

‘As a painter, a familiar place can offer so much more to me as not only is it imbued with memories, but it holds the challenge of finding fresh inspiration. It also grants me a certain amount of freedom and confidence to respond in a more wholehearted and intuitive manner. My inquiry can go deeper as I work to find ways to express an emotional response to my subject.   I use colours and marks with daring and find ways to convey aspects of light, mood, atmosphere, and space.

What does become clear in my visits to the Ashdown Forest, Camber Sands, and Rye harbour is the joy I find there whilst painting. Being out there in the elements, experiencing a breathtaking view or a wide-open beach is something that brings me to life. I know that the many people I meet when painting also delights in and share this experience.’-David Atkins 2022


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‘September Morning Light, Camber’  Oil on Board 66 x 71cm  (Framed 86 x 91cm) £3,795


original painting

A Beautiful Day in Early Autumn’  Oil on Board 66 x 61 cm (framed 86 x 81 cm)  £3795



Shaun Ferguson Solo Exhibition

14th -28th October 2022

The latest Exhibition of New Paintings by Shaun Ferguson will feature 18 new paintings.

The exhibition will run from the 14th-28th October at Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.

To register interest in the exhibition and be added to the mailing list please email info@fairfaxgallery.com

Draw a circle on a pane of glass creating a portal-now pass through.

If only he could get those circles perfectly round, he might! 

original painting       original painting

‘Circle’ Oil on Canvas 66 x 66cm (approx 91 x 91cm framed)                          ‘Subi with Cats’  Acrylic on Canvas 70 x 70cm (approx 95 x 95cm)

jack frame

Jack Frame New Paintings Burnham Market Gallery

9-26th July

Jack Frame Solo Exhibition 

New Paintings Exploring Trees

Images coming Soon

9th – 26th July 2022


27th Summer Exhibition – Tunbridge Wells Gallery

11th June - 8th September 2022

The Fairfax Gallery has pleasure in inviting you to its 27th Summer Exhibition featuring paintings and sculpture from Established, Award-Winning & Emerging Artists including new artists to the gallery.

David Atkins, Mary Jane Ansell, Louise Balaam NEAC,RWA, Lara Bowen, Louise Fairchild, Jack Frame, Gemma Harwood, Tom Hughes ,

Alison McWhirter, Steven Outram RBA, Carol Peace, Beckie Reed, Stephanie Rogers, Paul P Smith, Helen Sinclair ARBS, Julian Sutherland-Beatson,

Justin Weeks, Barry Wilson.

Image: Beckie Reed ‘Captain’s Wood’ Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas 80 X 120 cm

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David Atkins New Paintings, Burnham Market Gallery

Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market are delighted to announce dates of our upcoming David Atkins solo exhibition featuring over thirty new paintings painted ‘en plain air’ of the North Norfolk Coast.

Image: The Wreck on Brancaster Beach 80 x 110cm

For a catalogue please contact james@fairfaxgallery.com

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Mary Jane Ansell New Works

The Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells are proud to be exhibiting 5 new paintings and drawings by award-winning artist Mary Jane Ansell at its Pantiles gallery.

Mary Jane Ansell has been a finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait Award in 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2012 and was subsequently commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to paint Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Exhibiting regularly with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Mary Jane has exhibited with the Fairfax Gallery worldwide since 2000 and recently New York and Los Angeles.

Her works feature in private and public collections worldwide including commissions for the permanent collections of The National Portrait Gallery UK, Brighton and Hove Museums and the Joe Lewis Collection, where her work is installed on the superyacht Aviva.
Click here to view latest works

Alison McWhirter Exhibition, Burnham Market Gallery

Alison McWhirter ‘Landscape’ show April 2nd – 15th. Fairfax Gallery, Burnham Market

To view the artworks please click here

We have great pleasure in presenting the virtual catalogue for our forthcoming

Alison McWhirter Solo Show, featuring her new landscape series.

Click for e-catalogue


20th Christmas Exhibition Burnham Market Gallery

27th November - 8th January

The 20th Christmas Exhibition will feature new paintings & sculpture from the galllery’s most popular artists.

The exhibition will run over both levels of the gallery.

Jack Frame ‘The Eternal Gardener’

15th - 30th September

Jack Frame ‘The Eternal Gardener’ 25 New Paintings

have always strongly associated working in the garden and in the studio. In fact, many of my subjects lived in the garden, they are portraits of friends that I would help out occasionally and in the summer the garden would become the studio, inextricably linked. I can’t help but feel a palpable sense of abandonment, now it has gone the paintings too leave to be displayed.

On meeting the paintings again, I can’t help thinking they have reincarnation as a sort of plutonic greenhouse, the pruning of composition and the refining of line and proportion as they jostle for attention. They become a kind of surrogate for the act of gardening itself, a kind of visual horticulture. The tending of each form as it grows over elemental surfaces of gold and silver leaf. Embellishment with tonal rendering, juxtaposing compliments, replacing dissidents. Being attentive to the subtle play of texture and how it will react in a racking light. Applying colour variations and glazes to subdue stark and overpowering features. Marvelling as new Darwinian forms emerge, trying to capitalise on a happy accident here and a careful negotiation there.

Painting in this context like gardening revolves around the essential promethean theme. The growing cycle of nature and nurture, and the understanding of your place as custodian. The inevitability of decay and rebirth. It explicitly invites the contemplation of one’s own nature, a reminder that the simplest activities, those things we often take for granted can bring real meaning are their own reward and do offer consolation eternal delight.’ Jack Frame 2021

20th Anniversary Exhibition Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market

17th July - 31st August

20th Anniversary Exhibition Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market

The exhibition will feature new paintings and sculpture by popular gallery artists.


Beckie Reed Solo Exhibition Burnham Market Gallery

Saturday 29th May - 9th June

We are delighted to announce the dates of a solo show of new work by the extremely talented figurative artist Beckie Reed.  During lockdown Beckie has had the chance to emerge herself in nature and experiment with new circular work on aluminium and birch with stunning effect, drawing the viewer in to a world beyond. Graduating with a First in Fine Art from Loughborough University in 2004 Beckie has gone on to show in London, Kent and Norfolk and at international art fairs from New York, Singapore and Toronto.  She has also had work accepted and exhibited in the RA Summer Show.  Her work is now in private collections in the UK and around the world.

Elaine Jones Solo Exhibition

Saturday 1st - 15th May

New Paintings from Elaine Jones

Elaine has been exhibiting with the Fairfax Gallery for a over ten years and we have shown her work successfully in London,  New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. This is will be her first solo exhibition in Burnham Market and we are delighted to be able to show her stunning large-scale canvases inspired by her travels around the world from the heat of South America to the cool ice glaciers of Iceland.

Born in 1975, Elaine grew up in the Midlands and studied art and

design at Newcastle Under Lyme from 1994 – 95, where she was awarded the

Fine Art Prize for painting.

original painting

Carol Peace Solo Exhibition featuring Sculpture and Drawings

The exhibition will feature over 30 works of sculpture in both bronze and bronze resin.

Works will range from small works through to life-size works for gardens including Carol’s latest beautiful sculpture ‘Come along girls’

The exhibition will take place over both floors of Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells and can be viewed online from 2nd May 2021.

Click here for details of Carol Peace Sculpture



Alice Scrutton Solo Virtual Exhibition

2- 19th April 2021

Alice Scrutton Solo Exhibition at Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market

Over 20 New Oil Paintings of the North Norfolk Coast

Click here for new images

Jack Frame ‘Shrine’ Solo Exhibition Tunbridge Wells

12 - 24th September 2020

‘Shrine’ Solo Exhibition by Jack Frame at Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.

12th – 24th September 2020

These paintings were made to stand in the world and were made with the intention to be lived with. They have to compete with the noise and intensity of the everyday surrounding us. The desire is to make something that, however humble or simplistic in origin, can offer another person consolation’.

The artist Jack Frame is synonymous and best known for his paintings of trees. In their intricacy and depth, they go far beyond the facade, but have the solemnity and resonance of real portraiture. The Works assembled in the exhibition Shrine, during the covid spring and summer of 2020, are an invitation for contemplation, reflection, and harmony at a time when these articles are sorely needed.

An abiding sense of energy and life abounds from the bringing together of imagery and materials, the way they play against one another, has a subtle and mesmerizing effect. Coupled with strong craft elements and a striking use of gold leaf, the paintings echo an almost spiritual intensity. A palpable desire to heal and grow both literally and metaphorical lies at their heart.

Fairfax Gallery 23 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells.  Tel 01892 525 525  fairfaxgallery.com  Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5pm   Sunday 11- 3pm

Mary Jane Ansell

25th Anniversary Exhibition

20th June - 8th September 2020

The Fairfax Gallery is proud to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, we will host a summer exhibition at the Pantiles Gallery in Tunbridge Wells – the same way it all began.
The last quarter-century has seen many challenges to the tradition of gallery viewing; the rise of the internet, a worldwide recession, and most recently a global pandemic. Yet we remain firm in the belief that galleries offer the best way for clients to view paintings and sculpture in their truest form.
Since its inception, The Fairfax Gallery has maintained a high standard of artist across its successful portfolio. Over one thousand prospective artists approach the Gallery each year, meaning only a handful make it onto the walls. The longevity and continued success of the Gallery is attributable to these talented artists and also to our wonderful clients who enable the gallery to flourish to this day.

The exhibition will feature over 100 original paintings and sculpture from artists including:

Mary Jane Ansell, David Atkins, Hogan Brown, Shaun Ferguson, Jack Frame, Miranda Gardiner, Gemma Harwood,  Lee Madgwick, Steven Outram RBA, Adrian Parnell, Carol Peace, Stephanie Rogers, Alice Scrutton, Helen Sinclair, Paul P Smith, Justin Weeks, Barry Wilson.

It has been a pleasure to curate so many exhibitions and events over the years, enabling us to meet many wonderful clients from around the world (and even beyond, counting a veteran of space flight and a Star Trek captain amongst our best-known visitors!). Whatever surprises the next decade may have in store, The Fairfax Gallery will continue to showcase great art, in a relaxed setting with a personable service built on many years of experience.

Shaun Ferguson Solo Exhibition

30th April - 25rd May

20 New Paintings by Shaun Ferguson in his  8th Solo Exhibition and his first outside London. The exhibition will take place online with complimentary deliveries in the UK

The exhibition will be the culmination of three years of studio work. Whilst Ferguson’s paintings always portray contain a unique and carefully composed narrative, some of the paintings in this collection give a nod to 18th Century Masters. The painting ‘Daughter of Mr & Mrs. Andrews’ may have drawn inspiration from one of Gainsborough’s most famous works, but the muse is most definitely a 21st Century protagonist.

Images launched on 30th April. For further information email andrew@fairfaxgallery.com

To view images click here

Alice Scrutton – New paintings of the Norfolk Coast

28th March - 10th April

Alice Scrutton Solo Exhibition at Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market

Over 20 New Oil Paintings of the North Norfolk Coast

Click here for new images


Exhibition at Fairfax Gallery The Pantiles

1/2/2020 - 2/3/2020

Throughout February the Fairfax Gallery will have an ongoing exhibition featuring Original Paintings and Sculpture by its gallery artists.

The exhibition will take place in its spacious listed building on The Pantiles. The show will feature over 100 original works all of which can be purchased.

Artists include David Atkins, Hogan Brown, Louise Fairchild, Jack Frame, Adam Hargreaves, Gemma Harwood, Adrian Parnell, Justin Weeks.

Open 7 Days a week  https://www.fairfaxgallery.com/the-pantiles/


Christmas Exhibition Burnham Market

23/11/19 - 10/1/20

New Paintings & Sculpture from popular gallery artists over both floors of the gallery.

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