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Helen Sinclair sculptor information:

Helen Sinclair Sculpture available at both Fairfax galleries. Over 30 pieces in stock in Bronze & Stone Resin
The Fairfax Gallery have had the pleasure of representing Helen Sinclair since 1995 and is our longest exhibited sculptor. In addition to exhibiting sculpture in the original Fairfax Gallery on the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Sculpture can always been found in stock at the Fairfax Galleries in Burnham Market a Norfolk. The Fairfax Gallery also represents Helen Sinclair at major Art Fairs in London and overseas.

“My work has almost always been figuratively based.

I use a life model regularly and occasionally find poses which inspire a whole series of pieces that can cover several years of making.I look at a lot of sculpture (from all over the world and all centuries) but of art forms, painting is probably the one that I turn to most directly for inspiration.”

– Helen Sinclair, sculptor

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The human figure is Helen Sinclair’s primary subject. The actual figure (in movement and at rest, clothed and unclothed) and the figure as depicted by other artists in any medium and at any phase in history.
Helen’s influences include the sculptural forms and mythology of ancient civilisations (Etruscan, Egyptian, South American), Italian Renaissance sculpture (especially Donatello) and twentieth-century sculptors including Emilio Greco, Medardo Rosso, Giacometti and, most notably, Willhelm Lehmbruck. She also looks to painting for inspiration, from artists such as s Picasso, Matisse, Chagall and Modigliani.

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