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Shaun Ferguson artist information:

Shaun Ferguson is a graduate from the Royal Academy Schools. A previous outright winner of the Discerning Eye, ‘New Discovery Award’ (at the time the largest financial award bestowed on any artists in an open competition in the UK). Shaun’s work has been praised by critics and held in major private and public collections around the world, including Dublin’s Museum of Modern Art, Ulster Museum and the Durban Museum in South Africa.

Other awards include the Henry Wyndham Prize, the Elizabeth Greenshields Award and the David Murray Award for landscape painting and a finalist in 2011 Discerning Eye Awards.

“Capturing people in a quiet moment of reverie and achieving a balance between paint and subject matter are my aims with the paintings. To both represent and give some inner life to a figure is a compelling and often elusive challenge.” – Shaun Ferguson, Artist

Solo Exhibition 14th – 28th October 18 New Paintings

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Shaun Ferguson says of his paintings :

“This series of paintings mainly explore the female protagonist, as if plucked from a filmic or literary narrative. I intend these to be like all the best such characters – not passive and demure but strong and complex. With this in mind, I have in some cases allowed the figure to address the viewer, to stare straight back out and confront us. Props and costumes indicate play, battle or mischief. Part of the pleasure for myself comes in not quite knowing how things will play out – the implied narrative resulting from a specific model with a particular prop in a certain pose.

The paintings include oil and acrylic works, some noisy…bold and physical other quiet.. more rendered. Each painting should have its own personality through the coming together of colour, tone, mark and composition with the subject. This means responding intuitively and allowing each one to go its own way, to find its individual temperament.

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