original painting

Elaine Jones artist information:

Artist Elaine Jones’ paintings are primarily abstract, although her latest work contains references towards the landscape. Elaine has travelled the world widely gaining inspiration and during these periods spends much of the time sketching. The information is rarely used to literally translate into a painting or depict any particular place.

The original paintings tend to have beautiful textural parts juxtaposed with elegantly blended colours, with smaller works being oil on board presented in a contemporary off white frame, the larger works being presented on canvas without requiring a frame. Elaine Jones has successfully exhibited with the Fairfax Gallery in London, New York, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Elaine’s recent paintings encompass a new energy, explosions of colour that are evolving and becoming a bit more abstract, more spontaneous and bigger. They’re a bit wilder, with a lot more gestural marks. and whilst she is still creating her soothing signature blue paintings, there are deep greens and burnt colours also emerging.

 Contrasts between light and dark elements prove to be an enduring aspect of her work and there’s nothing like a large body of water to capture the light and encourage unique reflections.

Elaine’s love of travelling was evident in her last exhibition and the landscape of Northern Spain and South West France have Influenced Elaine’s new body of paintings. Dramatic mountains and an abundance of green in the Basque Country inspired sketches that are fuelling her latest work. 

Solo Show Burnham Market 27th May – 10th June     Images of new work below.


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