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Paul P Smith Artist Information:

  • Born in East Anglia in 1966,
  • Ipswich Art School 1987-89
  • Lived in Norwich since 1990
  • BP Portrait Award finalist in 2015 and 2017.

“I paint highly detailed landscapes, often from a narrowed perspective, that tie in with events and experiences in my life, producing work of exceptional quality, often on a large scale. For my work, I draw on memories of childhood, of the sense of touch and the sense of wonder at the world I see. I attempt to produce paintings that are, in some way tactile, sensitive and meaningful, and to create realism that is not simply photographic.  My artistic influences are wide and varied, to name just two I am drawn to the paintings of Andrew Wyeth for their detail and storytelling and to the work of Titian for his wonderful colour and “other realness”.”

– Paul P Smith, Artist


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