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Jack Frame artist information :

Artist Jack Frame graduated from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art in 2007 topping it off with a sell-out degree show, from which he has gone from strength to strength.

Jack Frame was tipped early on as one of the most collectable young artists in the UK after receiving the GSA Painting award and the Prize for Landscape Drawing. In 2009 he was a winner of the Jolomo Landscape Art prize. While artist In residence At The Lomond School from 2007-2009, he was included in the BBC Documentary ‘Glasgow Boys’ exposing his work to a wider audience.

Critically acclaimed his work has been described as being rooted firmly in the landscape tradition, his paintings, drawings and use of mixed material capture a world in a vivid, intense and dramatic way. Jack Frame is most noted for his striking depictions of tree and sky, which have haunting grace and real solemnity. Like the best portraiture, they seek to explore the contemporary landscape, using nature as a force to ask profound questions about the human condition.

His work is included in many public and private collections including the Standard Life building, Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building and Friends of GSA. His patrons include Muriel Gray, Mathew Bellany from the Band Muse and Kate Hudson among others.

Jack Frame New Paintings for the Shrine Exhibition at the Fairfax Gallery.

These paintings were made to stand in the world and were made with the intention to be lived with. They have to compete with the noise and intensity of the everyday surrounding us. The desire is to make something that, however humble or simplistic in origin, can offer another person consolation’.

The artist Jack Frame is synonymous and best known for his paintings of trees. In their intricacy and depth, they go far beyond the facade, but have the solemnity and resonance of real portraiture. The Works assembled in the exhibition Shrine, during the covid spring and summer of 2020, are an invitation for contemplation, reflection, and harmony at a time when these articles are sorely needed.

An abiding sense of energy and life abounds from the bringing together of imagery and materials, the way they play against one another, has a subtle and mesmerizing effect. Coupled with strong craft elements and a striking use of gold leaf, the paintings echo an almost spiritual intensity. A palpable desire to heal and grow both literally and metaphorical lies at their heart.

jack frame at studio


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The Fairfax Gallery has been representing Jack Frame since 2013 with both solo exhibitions and work in thematic shows as well as our 25th Anniversary Exhibition in 2020 at our Gallery on The Pantiles.

Paintings exhibited range from the instantly recognisable iconic blossoms on gold panel, through to ever-changing experiments in other media. Works have included works on silk, works on canvas and linen as well as perspex and glass. Whether the composition is a single tree or a haunting landscape, the one theme that runs through the paintings is ‘Trees’.

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Jack Frame at Studio 2020

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