original painting

David Atkins The Ashdown & Camber Sands

The Fairfax Gallery will be holding a solo exhibition of David Atkins new paintings featuring The Ashdown & Camber Sands.

2nd – 16th November at Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.

‘Painting plein air in the landscape means I am faced with a subject that continually changes and transforms throughout my time there, which I find inspiring. The weather, too, plays a very important part. This can change what may seem a dull scene into a place of sublime beauty. I work fast and will rework an entire painting to capture these dramatic changes.

The Ashdown and Camber Sands hold sentimental value, memories, and emotions for me. I have returned there to paint for over thirty years, hoping to capture and express something of their unique qualities in paint.

I hope my artworks give a sense of my joy in the locations I chose and the act of painting them. I want the paintings to be alive so the viewer can discover something new every time they look at them.’

-David Atkins 2023


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