Justin Weeks paintings Oars

Justin Weeks artist information :

Painting is a way of giving aesthetic form to inner feeling, whilst retaining a dialogue with history. It is the paradox and mystery at the heart of painting that compels me to create. The engagement with the medium itself, visual intelligence, intuition and chance all play vital roles in the painting process.  By working in layers and erasures and with long intervals of observation, a form will emerge from the canvas. This form evokes a poetic presence that sits at the juncture of figuration and abstraction.

–  Justin Weeks, Artist

Justin Weeks was originally one of the youngest artists to the Fairfax Gallery, his work has immediately proved popular with gallery clients and his paintings are going from strength to strength. Justin’s works has sold out when  represented by the Fairfax Gallery in London, New York, Hong Kong & Singapore and has become a firm favourite with clients.

Justin Weeks wins prestigious Artspan purchase prize at November 2012, ING Discerning Eye Awards., London and in the 2015 awards.

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Justin Weeks Technique

As a result, his works are for gazing into and for never quite grasping the meaning. After preparing a neutral ground, he may begin the work by drawing contours and the contours may resemble human figures. But as he builds up paint, layer by layer, the bodies, if that’s what they be, are drowned and we are left with a void at the focal point: a central void that Weeks fills with spot colour and delicate impasto. We know we are looking at something, but the subject is forever lost. It has been scraped away, in a literal way at times. - Mark Sheerin 2017