Mary Grant Artist information :

Artist Mary Grant studied Fine Art Painting at Kingston University 1991-94. In 1992 she was shortlisted for the Natwest 90’s Prize for Art. She won the Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship to New York in 1993. In 1994 she took and Artist in Residence position at the Whitgift Public School in Surrey.Her concerns are in capturing the fleeting glimpses of every day scenes, and revealing the potential and beauty of little incidental sign posts or electricity pylons In the larger works she attempts to conjure up a frenzy of atmosphere and light and heights, bounced back and forth from the force from the trees, stars ,and rocky shores. More recent paintings are of a nocturnal nature . Largely due to living in a wood Mary is exploring the silent magic and promise of the forest and fields after dark. There is an informality in the composition which retains a fresh and immediate response to the every changing landscape.

Each piece is about seduction, a response and reflection, entering into a dialogue with the surrounding landscape .There are references to Gerhart Richter and Casper David Frederick, but equally Mary is inspired by the music that she listens to in the log cabin studio on the farm.

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