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Lee Madgwick – Artist Profile

Born in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, in 1980, Lee Madgwick is a distinguished painter known for his dramatic use of light and shadow. A graduate of Graphic Design from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2003, Lee utilises oils and acrylics to craft vivid and enigmatic scenes on canvas.

Artistic Philosophy

“I aim to achieve a sense of drama in my work, presenting familiar images in intimate and moody settings. While a narrative is important, it’s never fully explained, leaving interpretation open to the viewer.” – Lee Madgwick

Notable Achievements and Exhibitions

Lee Madgwick has been a vital presence in the art world for over 12 years, exhibiting internationally and consistently with the Fairfax Gallery. In 2015, he was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Notably, he was also selected by Banksy to participate in the ‘Dismaland’ project alongside internationally acclaimed artists. His painting ‘Shroud’ was chosen for the Derwent Art Prize in 2018.

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Lee Madgwick’s mysterious and emotive paintings depict scenes of abandonment, seclusion and dereliction. Both his urban and rural pictures portray parts of the modern British landscape that are often overlooked by many (with occasional sprinklings of the surreal). With an undercurrent of mischievous menace throughout, the subject matter is at once thrown into question. Who inhabits these places? What lives do they lead? What is happening or about to happen?


2018 – The Michael Harding Award, RBA Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2013 – The Wyss Foundation Painting Award, Eastern Open – King’s Lynn Arts Centre
2010 – Woodhay Gallery Award, RBA Annual Exhibition


2018 – Selected for the Derwent Art Prize
2010/12//13/14/15/16/18 – Selected for The Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2009/12 – Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2006 -14 – Selected for the Eastern Open, King’s Lynn

‘I love Lee Madgwick’s eerie, Gothic and beautiful work – it has a strange capacity to be both moving and unnerving, and there’s no-one else quite like him.’ Sarah Perry – Writer and novelist

‘I just love Lee’s work. What an extraordinary painter’. Richard Osman – TV presenter, producer, comedian and writer

‘Lee Madgwick is one of my absolute favourite artists, and I get huge joy every day from having his work on my wall.’ Adam Kay – Author, script-writer and comedian

‘I love Lee’s work, and I’m extremely lucky that his images have provided the cover art for two of my books. Lee’s paintings are both beautiful and unsettling, conveying a powerful sense of the uncanny with quiet precision. The work is potent, haunting, strange, humorous and utterly distinctive.’ Paul Bassett Davies – Writer, director and producer

‘Memories long forgotten just out of reach of your conscious mind.’ Bob Mortimer – Comedian, presenter and actor

‘Lee specialises in juxtaposing abandoned, derelict urban scenes in secluded rural locations. Basically run-down estates in run-down estates. He somehow captures the sense of dark things happening behind closed doors, while presenting a perfectly chirpy looking, colourful landscape.’ Banksy – Street artist, political activist and film director

‘Beautiful and haunting’ Derren Brown – Mentalist, illusionist and author

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