Lee Madgwick 'Signal' (phone box birds) - 90 x 110cm - Acrylic oil - £4,200


Lee Madgwick artist information:

Born  King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, 1980.  Graduated in Graphic Design from Norwich University College of the Arts, 2003.

Artist Lee Madgwick’s mysterious and emotive paintings depict scenes of abandonment, seclusion and dereliction. Both his urban and rural pictures portray parts of the modern British landscape that are often overlooked by many (with occasional sprinklings of the surreal). With an undercurrent of mischievous menace throughout, the subject matter is at once thrown into question. Who inhabits these places? What lives do they lead? What is happening or about to happen?

The Fairfax Gallery are proud to have exhibited Lee Madgwick’s art for over 10 years.


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