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Beckie Reed artist information:

Beckie graduated with a First Class Degree in Painting from Loughborough University.

Artist Beckie Reed has developed a unique way of painting

She combines different techniques and processes and merges abstract with detail. Detailed tree trunks and branches glide over the canvas, vying for attention against delicate, dappled light and loose splattered leaves. Many layers are built up to create beautiful, evocative paintings.

Although in her thirties, she is already well-established in the UK and internationally. She has exhibited in New York, Chicago, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Singapore and Toronto.

Beckie Reed Solo Exhibition Saturday 29th April – Thursday 11th May at Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market

I am continually drawn to paint woodland and treescapes. Using reference photos but often painting intuitively, many layers are built up to create beautiful, evocative paintings. Paint is splattered and tree trunks and branches are dribbled on using a high gloss medium, which requires great control and has taken many years to hone. It can never be fully controlled, so it adds a spontaneity to the work and a looseness and freedom. Each dribble captures a moment in time and is a permanent mark on the canvas that can’t be undone. Other areas are precisely painted with great detail and it’s the juxtaposition of control and chaos that give the work its energy and vibrancy. – Beckie Reed 2023

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“I feel free and alive when I’m in the countryside on a long walk and there’s something magical about being in the woods. I love the changing light and shadows and hope to create beautiful paintings that create a sense of escapism for the viewer”.

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