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Beckie Reed – Artist Profile

Beckie Reed, a distinguished artist with a First Class Degree in Painting from Loughborough University, has made significant contributions to the contemporary art scene both in the UK and internationally. Her work is celebrated in major cities worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Milan, and Singapore.

Artistic Style and Technique

Beckie Reed has developed a unique painting style that merges abstract elements with intricate details. Her signature works feature detailed tree trunks and branches juxtaposed against a backdrop of delicate, dappled light and loosely splattered leaves. Through multiple layers, Beckie creates evocative paintings that capture the essence of nature’s complexity.

Her technique involves a controlled yet spontaneous application of paint, utilizing high gloss mediums to add depth and movement to her treescapes. This method showcases a dynamic balance between precision and fluidity, reflecting Beckie’s mastery in portraying natural scenes.

“I am continually drawn to paint woodland and treescapes… It’s the juxtaposition of control and chaos that give the work its energy and vibrancy.” – Beckie Reed, 2023


“I feel free and alive when I’m in the countryside on a long walk and there’s something magical about being in the woods. I love the changing light and shadows and hope to create beautiful paintings that create a sense of escapism for the viewer”.

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