English Landscape Paintings by British Landscape painters

Since 1995 the Fairfax Gallery have been selecting landscape artist who have their own disttinctive stles, ranging from contemporary interpretations of the classic British Landscape to stunning abstracted landscapes.

Media range from Oil on Canvas or oil on Borad to acrylic and more contemporary media such as resins. Whilst all the paintings are conceived to be strong paintings in their own rights, the subject matter is sometimes more specific, for example Alice Scrutton’s land and seascapes featuring the Norfolk Coast and paintings of Holkham Beach.

Fred Cuming RA has deservedly become one of the Royal Academy’s most respected artists, with a great deal of his work concentrating on the English Landscape and Beach scences.
David Atkins landscape paintings range from his original home of Norfolk, to the Dorset Coastline and most recently his paintings of the Ashdown Forest with the stunning skies.

Adam Hargreaves has an affinity with the British countryside, his compositions often featuring a noble tree set against the wider landscape, with his use of light being used to great effect with the intricate shadows cast.

james Naughton has lived and breathed the Landscape of the north of England, spending year walking, observing the rolling landscape and big skies. He returns to his studio to create powerful impressions of the landscape, often from a raised view point. James Naughton has created a style of painting which, whilst looking almost photographic from a distance

Steven Outram RBA is an established artist and member of the Royal Society of Artists, his immaculate painting surface creating visual paradoxes in his works portraying both mist and details occasionally featuring man made features.

All the landscape paintings at the Fairfax Gallery are original works rather than any form of edition ensuring you will have something unique.

The Fairfax Gallery was established in 1995 with three real time galleries all of which will have a good selection of Landscape paintings on exhibition and in stock.

Fred Cuming