robina yasmin

Robina Yasmin artist information:

Artist Robina Yasmin is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art who has made a successful name for herself as a highly collectable painter of zebras, giraffes and beach scenes. A finalist in the Hunting Art Prizes at the Royal College of Art and the Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries, London, she has also exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Robina Yasmin’s work explores the relationships between colour, form and light that, along with her choice of unusual perspectives, create a dynamic effect. Rendered with breath taking detail in oils, her soft feathery brushstrokes are able to capture even individual hairs and subtle transitions in tone and light.

These visually dynamic paintings convey the emotions of play and affection – whether it is a family enjoying a day at the beach or a baby giraffe nestling up to its mother, she observes the social qualities inherent in all she represents and conveys an accompanying sense of joy. There is a sense of humour and humanity in her work, which she is able to pass on to the viewer in expertly observed and beautifully rendered paintings.

Robina Yasmin’s work can be viewed at Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market.

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