Peter Kettle artist information:

Kettle is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and has been inducted into the the Royal Cambrian Academy (RCA) and has featured in the Guardian and Moneyweek as an investment ‘Artist to Watch . Kettle was born in Wales and brought up in a hamlet steeped in the ways of the hills and vales of Carmarthenshire. He went on to study fine art at West Buckland School in Devon on the edge of Exmoor and continued his studies in Cardiff. For Kettle, the landscapes of Britain are a perpetual spur for his love of painting. Being able to harness the hostility of the wild together with the peace of the water’s edge is a duality Kettle strives to capture in his work. In particular, the alchemy of light and landscape through mixed media and his unique application and technique is a quality that shines through in each of his paintings. Kettle broadens his palette to clay, plaster oil and acrylics using a range of tools giving his paintings texture and energy. In the past he has researched the Welsh industrial landscape of Port Talbot and created a series of works on the quarries, derelict remnants and factories that celebrates the story of wales. He is currently walking the Wales Coastal Path and extending his projects into Cornwall and along the River Avon.


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