Wellies painting

Dorion Scott artist information:

Dorion Scott Studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design and paints in her studio in Toronto, always working from life.

“Things aren’t neat and tidy; simple or understood.”

“Paintings allow me to have this conversation. It communicates in a more powerful way than if I used my voice. Often I am unaware of why I am compelled to paint a particular subject I just know it just instinctively has to be painted.”

‘The construction of a painting requires my unconditional focus; it precludes any other thought or intention. I am painting the idea I caught on the edge of a dream, and I just follows its path. The language is elusive and unpredictable. I never know where a piece will take me. I have, however, learnt, that each painting has its own motive and intent. It may be months later when my painting is hanging on a stranger’s wall that its veiled message is revealed.”

– Dorion Scott, Artist

Dorion Scott  is represented exclusively by the Fairfax Gallery in Europe, USA & Asia

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